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Hi, I'm Dee

New Car Senior Sales Associate

Hi I'm Dee. I think I am probably more fun to buy a new Honda from than anybody else here. Not only have I always been the comedian at school, but now I have these three amazing ladies and another baby on the way to keep me smiling at home.
It's a lot of fun actually to work here at DCH Paramus Honda.  We have this fantastic selection of Honda automobiles for our customers to pick from.  I'm a ton of fun to work with, even though I am very thorough and can show you everything you need to know and take care of all the paperwork. 
The support teams here, from the lot attendants to the service staff to the sales people and managers, everyone works together and I couldn't be more pleased to be a part of such a nice family of professionals help customers everyday.
I'm looking forward to having the chance to chat with you about what you are looking for in a Honda for your very own, when you visit us at DCH Paramus Honda.


- Dee

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